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All translation agencies face the challenge of how to get all the text (including metadata) from a client’s website. Try – our advanced solution for extracting websites and getting all the content ready to upload to your CAT tool.

Built for smarter translation agencies and translators.

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Take a look at how Jennifer is using WebsiteDownloader for working with translations

Choose what to include-exclude before downloading
Choose what to include/skip before downloading

Many websites have an enormous amount of subpages you can simply skip. Select your preferences if you don’t want to extract the whole thing (such as blog articles, categories, etc.).

Wordcount, previews, and screenshots
Wordcount and previews

See how many words are on each web page; take a look at the selected page by checking URL previews.

Various export formats
Various download formats

Download files in the desired format, such as Word (.docx), Text (.txt), .pdf, .html, or even a translation format (.xliff).

Bigger pack, lower price per site
Bigger pack, lower price per site
Need more features or your website download limit isn’t enough? By upgrading to our Business or PRO plan, you can get a lower price per website. For more details, check Plans.
Completely safe
Completely safe

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. We respect your privacy and never check if you download a competitor’s website. Or the FBI’s for that matter.

Full customer support
Full customer support

When a vulcano erupts, we all need help. Contact our Customer Support Team if you need any assitance whatsoever.

Available for download into useful formats:

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xliff memoQ Trados translating icon

*.xliff for all Translation Management Systems (memoQ, Memsource, Smartcat, Transifex, Trados etc.)

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content without any hassle

Got memoQ or other translation management systems? Did you know you can easily download a website to .xliff files and import them in memoQ in no time?

Test the content you extract and send it for translation. Experience the true power of Website Downloader.

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