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Download an entire website exactly the way you want it

Website Downloader is a powerful tool for downloading websites and extracting all the content, including metadata. This solution makes it easy to save an entire website exactly as you want it, without having to manually copy and paste text or manually save images. Whether you’re an individual, business, or organization, Website Downloader is an ideal solution for anyone looking to archive or backup a website.

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Easily scan any desired website and download it

With Website Downloader, you can easily scan any published website in no time. And don’t worry if the URL you’ve entered has too many subpages – you’ll be informed by e-mail when we finish crawling.

Choose what to include-exclude before downloading
Choose what to include/skip before downloading

Many websites have an enormous amount of subpages you can simply skip. Select your preferences if you don’t want to extract the whole thing (such as blog articles, categories, etc.).

Wordcount, previews, and screenshots
Wordcount and previews

See how many words are on each web page; take a look at the selected page by checking URL previews.

Various export formats
Various download formats

Download files in the desired format, such as Word (.docx), Text (.txt), .pdf, .html, or even a translation format (.xliff).

Download with all metadata
Download with all metadata

Websites feature all sort of metadata hidden in the background. Never skip alt-text, keywords, or page descriptions when downloading.

All-in-one file or each webpage separately
All-in-one file or each webpage separately

Choose to download the entire website text to one file or download each page separetely into individual files. It’s up to you.

Data retention time up to 30 days
Data retention time up to 30 days

No extra cost for websites you have already scanned. Website Downloader saves your website download data from 7 up to 30 days in case you need it again!

Bigger pack, lower price per site
Bigger pack, lower price per site
Need more features or your website download limit isn’t enough? By upgrading to our Business or PRO plan, you can get a lower price per website. For more details, check out our plans.


Completely safe
Completely safe

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. We respect your privacy and never check if you download a competitor’s website. Or the FBI’s for that matter.

Full customer support
Full customer support

When a vulcano erupts, we all need help. Contact our Customer Support Team if you need any assistance whatsoever.

Save time and effort

Save time and effort with blazing speed and get all selected webpages or an entire website in the desired format, in an “all-in-one” file or multiple files. Most suitable for:

Translation agencies
Digital agencies
pc data

Available for download into useful formats:

Microsoft Word file icon
PDF file icon
txt file icon
html file icon
xliff memoQ Trados translating icon

*.xliff for all Translation Management Systems (memoQ, Memsource, Smartcat, Transifex, Trados etc.)

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What are our customers saying about us?

This tool is of great help to us. We usually download 5–10 websites per month and download files compatible with memoQ.
Every time we need to import texts to our translation system, we use Website Downloader.

Tara Rowling
Project Manager

Simple steps with minimum interaction needed, including and excluding subpages.
I like the idea of the “open” button which leads directly to the particular link.
Very useful!

Markos Andrianakis
Digital Expert

I would like to say that I found the selecting subpages really helpful although scanning can sometimes be slow. I miss the total wordcount for all of the selected pages. Otherwise, a nice app to help me with my job.

Johann Fischer


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