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Tip of the day: Export in all formats now!

export formats

Did you know that all plans on websitedownloader.com now have the same export formats? That’s right, no matter which plan you choose, you can export your downloaded content in popular file formats such as .docx, .txt, .html, .pdf, and .xliff.

This means that you can easily share and use the downloaded content in a variety of ways, whether you need to edit the text in a word processor or import it into a CAT tool for translation. 

To export your downloaded content, simply select the files or web pages that you want to export and choose the desired export format. The downloaded file will be automatically converted to the chosen format and can then be downloaded to your computer.

By offering the same export formats for all plans, websitedownloader.com makes it easy for you to use the downloaded content in the way that best suits your needs. So be sure to take advantage of this feature and explore the various export formats available.

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