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Tip of the day: Saving time in translation prep

translation preparation

Are you a translator who needs to prepare content for translation? If so, you can save time by using websitedownloader.com to download the entire website or specific web pages. By doing so, you can easily extract and organize the text that needs to be translated.

To get started, simply enter the website URL or web page URL that you want to download into the websitedownloader.com input box. Then, choose the download settings that suit your needs, such as the maximum depth of the crawler and the file types to download. Finally, click “Download” and let the tool do the work.

Once you have downloaded the website or web pages, you can extract the text that needs to be translated using a variety of tools, such as a text editor or a CAT tool. This can save you time compared to manually copying and pasting the text from each web page.

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