How to export website content and seo metatags with

What are SEO metatags?

SEO metatags are tags that are used in the HTML code of a web page to provide information about the content of the page to search engines. They are used to help search engines index the content of the page and to provide relevant results to users who are searching for specific topics.

Why are metatags important for SEO?

Metatags are important for SEO because they can provide information about your website that you wouldn’t want to include in the content itself. They also help search engine crawlers find your site more easily and index it more quickly. They also help users find websites when they search for specific keywords.

Which metatags can you export with website downloader?

– Meta title tag – The title is typically displayed in the browser’s title bar and is also used by search engines to determine the page’s title in search results.

– Meta description tag – The meta description is typically used by search engines to display a page’s description in search results.

– Meta keywords tag – The meta keywords tag is used to specify a list of keywords that are relevant to the contents of the web page. The keywords are typically separated by commas.

How to export SEO metatags with website downloader

1. Navigate to

2. Click the field “Enter your site URL: and input the URL for the site you want to download.


4. Click the “Quick scan” or “Deep scan” field.

5. Click the “Entire website” or “Only this (one) webpage” field.

6. Click “Scan website” and wait for the scan to conclude.

7. Click “Export website”.

8. Click the “Export SEO metadata (meta title tag, meta description tag, metakeywords tag)” field.


9. Click the “Input project name” field.

10. Click the “Export file format” dropdown.

11. Click “Export”.


Result of text file export with SEO Metatags