Change log

Changes in version: 2.5.2 (1.8.2023)
  1. The clean text function has been enhanced to ignore the paths of images and URLs, as well as validate the HTML content before conducting word count analysis.

Changes in version: 2.5.1 (22.6.2023)
  1. Introducing our new export feature: website printscreens! Now you have the ability to export printscreens of websites. For more information, please visit the following URL:

  2. Introducing our File Detection System! We have implemented a feature that detects if the entered URL is a file, giving you the option to download it. However, you can still choose to scan the entire website for further analysis.

Changes in version: 2.4.1 (26. 4. 2023)
  1. The crawler can now scan URLs that include the “@” symbol.

  2. Now, our crawler does not automatically remove the trailing ‘/’ character from URLs. This is because some servers are set up to deliver content only if the URL is terminated with a ‘/’ character.

  3. The bug related to exporting .pdf files has been fixed.

Changes in version: 2.4.0 (20. 4. 2023)
  1. NEW: improved “Deep scan” functinality

    Due to user demand, we’ve continued with the development of deep scaning functinality. Faster and more reliable than before, the deep scan is still slower than the normal “quick” scan, but it makes up for it by capturing even site content generated with Javascript. This is a premium feature avalible to all users with a paid subscription.

  2. NEW: improved “Add a missing URL” functionality

     Due to the changes made to our site crawler during the development of deep scan functinality, we’ve had to disable and rework the “Add a missing URL” feature as well. With the release of deep scan, this feature is once again enabled. 

  3. Minor bug fixes

  4. Site performance optimization

Changes in version: 2.3.0 (22. 3. 2023)
  1. NEW: Text analysis 

    We’ve added a text analysis feature to our tool. After scanning a website, users can now choose to analyse the text for repetitions and no-matches on selected subpages directly in our app. When the analysis is concluded, the results & the compiled text become avalible to download.


    We’ve temporarily disabled the “Add a missing URL” functionality while we work on improving it.

  3. REMOVED: Word count

    Word count for each URL has been removed. It was a very rough estimate of text size on each web page. With the addition of an accurate text analysis functionality, it is no longer needed.

  4. Bug fix – download stuck on last % of progress

    The download process no longer gets stuck on the last % of progress while compressing results into a zip file on larger downloads.

  5. Minor bug fixes

  6. Site performance optimization

Changes in version: 2.2.0 (17. 1. 2023)
  1. REMOVED: Deep scan 

    We have decided to discontinue the development of deep scanning functionality at this time. We have determined that further development is not currently justified. However, if market conditions change and Javascript technology prevails in website development, we will revisit the development of deep scanning functionality in the future. 

  2. REMOVED: Step 1 (start)

    Due to discontinued development of deep scanning & the release of pause/resume scan functionality, the first step after entering the website url has become unnecessary. Upon entering the desired website in the form, the scan will now begin immediately.

  3. Minor bug fixes

  4. Site performance optimization

  5. Updated application text

    Some outdated texts in some popups and other notifications have been updated to reflect the current app state.

Changes in version: 2.1.2 (6. 1. 2023)
  1. NEW: ONE-TIME plan

    We’ve added a ONE-TIME subscription plan. This plan is intended for users who wish to download larger websites, but do not need to do so often.
    You can find more info about our plans here.

  2. NEW: .pdf export

    Website export to .pdf format is now avalible to users with our BUSINESS & PRO & the new ONE-TIME plan.

  3. NEW:  a new download page

    The old poppup window has been removed and replaced with a download page, where users are redirected after exporting a website in order to download their files.

Changes in version: 2.0.5 (9. 12. 2022)
  1. NEW: a pause & resume scan button

    Users now have the ability to pause their scans whenever they feel like it and continue to export content from already scanned links. Paused scans can be resumed in the first 24 hours after being paused. After 24 hours, they will be permanently stopped.

  2. Bug fix:  Export embedded images option

    Checking Export embedded images option in step 3 (export) while exporting in Word (docx) format could sometimes cause the export to get stuck if the scanned website’s webserver was throttling image downloads. This issue has now been fixed.
    Should the app encounter connection errors when trying to download images from a website, such images will now be skipped.

  3. NEW: subscription plans and Stripe payment

    Stripe payments for subscription are now enabled. All registered users can now use the FREE subscription plan limit with no charge or card needed.
    With our FREE plan, users can export up to 2 websites monthly and up to 15 web pages per site. For users whose needs exceed our FREE plan limits,
    we offer several different monthly plans. You can find more info about our subscription plans here.

Changes in version: 2.0.3 (9. 11. 2022)
  1. Database optimization

    Changes to our database table structure ensure even faster performance.

  2. Added login button next to Register buttons in the application

    Until now, the only way to log in was through the main menu. There are now Login buttons besides Register buttons on each step and in each prompt for guest users to get an account.

  3. Bug fix:  Export files option

    Checking Export files option in step 3 (export) could sometimes cause the export to get stuck. This has now been fixed.

  4. Scanned links are selected by default

    By default, all scanned links are now selected for export.

  5. Export Images button removed, added checkbox

    Exporting embedded images used to be a separate export process. It has now been merged into the main text export process as an option. 

Changes in version: 2.0.0 (26. 10. 2022)
  1. NEW: A new, better look

    The application look has been changed to be more sophisticated and professional.

  2. Faster database

    The app no longer experiences drops in performance when many users scan large websites at the same time.

  3. Bug fix on project name in step 3 (export)

    Illegal characters in export project name could cause the export to download a corrupted file.

  4. Improved application flow

    The old two lists system of picking and choosing links to export on step 2 has been removed. Now there is only one list of scanned links. Users can select and deselect links to export/ignore. Usage instructions were removed because of the simplified process.

  5. Bug fix on access denied

    The scan process no longer gets stuck when access to the scanned website is denied. It now skips the denied link.

  6. Improved docx (Word) export startup speed

    Word export continues to be slower than other options, but the startup speed of the process has been upped significantly.

  7. Removal of unnecessary tooltips

  8. NEW: a popup on export finish

    The new popup thanks users for using the application and invites them to download their export zip file, scan a different site or check their scan history.

  9. NEW: exporting a scanned website now requires a free account

    Registration is free.

Changes in version: 1.1.2 (28. 9. 2022)
  1. BUG FIX: scan cancel

    On canceling a scan, the app now doesn’t block users from restarting the same scan with different parameters.

  2. Improved Homepage 

    Changed homepage layout

  3. BUG FIX: manipulating scanned links 

    Encoded URLs can now be moved between Export and Ignore lists

  4. The app now treats the entered URL as a base site 

    The app no longer starts the scan from the website’s base domain, but treats the entered URL as a base domain for the purposes of the scan, thus ignoring links on the site above the entered URL.

    Example: Scanning the website “” will no longer start the scan from “”, but from “”.

  5. BUG FIX: quick scan export

    Fixed a bug where sometimes exports of a website scanned with quick scan would not be encoded correctly and cause some special characters to not display correctly.

  6. Added space character trim on entered website URL.

    Added space trim to entered website URL, to avoid the app triggering CANCELED-URL-IS-INVALID scan status.

Changes in version: 1.1.0 (12. 9. 2022)
  1. Added instructions show/hide button on step 2

    Instructions are now hidden, but a button click can show/hide them

  2. Improved alerts UI and text

    Updated text on alerts, separated for different user categories

  3. Removed unnecessary popup at the start of step 2

    The information on this popup is now among instructions.

  4. Added visual warnings on required form fields

    If the user tries to proceed while there are still empty required form fields, there now appears a red outline around the field in question in addition to the popup alert.

  5. Added progress indicator in percentage (%) when canceling scan/export

    Cancel progress now appears in percentage (%)  values inside cancel popup windows.

  6. Export sql queries improvements

    Updated some suboptimal sql queries in the export process, making it faster.

Changes in version: 1.0.18 (7. 9. 2022)
  1. Added instructions on step 2

    Added a section with instructions on step 2 on how to manipulate scanned links to prepare for step 3 (export)

  2. Improved alerts UI and text

    Updated basic JS alerts to Bootstrap 5.2 Modal windows. Improved all text to be more detailed.

  3. Added a field to change the website url on Step 1

    Added a new field on Step 1 where the user may change the website link entered on homepage in case of typos etc.

  4. Added email autofill

    Registered users will have their account email autofilled into the email field on Step 1.

  5. Added faster loading of links into the UI while scanning

    Once we’ve added the quick scan option, the UI loading only the last scanned link on each interval became too slow. Now the app loads all links scanned since the last check. (The app checks for newly scanned links each second.)

  6. Fixed link duplicating bug

    Fixed a bug where links would duplicate if the user quickly navigated back and forth between Step 2 and 3.

  7. Updated UI layout to be more compact and user friendly on mobile

    Updated UI so there is less space between elements, fixed positioning of elements to be more compatible with smartphone screens.

  8. Updated the Add one link function

    Duplicate links are no longer allowed. Updated & added new warnings, added label above input field for greater transparency.

Changes in version: 1.0.17 (6. 9. 2022)
  1. Starting website link can now include the “#” character

    (You can enter a link containing the # character to scan a webpage)

  2. Smart link ignore filter

    Link filter now ignores the following strings in a link: “add-to-cart”, “add_to_wishlist”, “comment-page”.

  3. Word count filter is now more accurate

    Word count filter now ignores some special html characters.

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